Thinning Out The Heard

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Saint Joe - Thinning Out The Heard

With 20 years in the game and a distinctive voice as his weapon, Saint Joe has become a staple of Denver’s rap scene, as well as underground circles across the country. And his rep will only grow bigger and more renown with the release of Thinning Out The Heard, his ambitious new album that showcases his hunger and talents.


The record arrives several years in the making, and it definitely shows. This is a meticulously crafted effort that flows seamlessly from one track to the next. It’s an impressive feat for a project absolutely bursting with music (17 songs) and guest features, but Joe’s vision keeps it cohesive and tight. He deftly blends bravado and realness through bars that touch on the struggles of being creative. There’s a humility to his tough talk, which allows his words to transcend.


“My music is painstakingly created for Hip-Hop heads and connoisseurs,” Joe says of his approach. “But I still remain fluid and switch the style up often for an all-around solid listening experience.” That fluid quality is evident in his strong ear for production. He’s acquired various notable producers on here that offer a diverse, albeit Boom bap-oriented, listening experience. There are soulful joints (Dialectic’s “Being Real”), grimy bangers (Shadowville’s “Lyrical Dexterity”), as well as funky summer cuts (Jomeezius The Genius’ “Thinning Out The Heard”). And in the wrong hands, that may lean toward the cliche of too many cooks in the kitchen, but Joe keeps it grounded.


TOTH’s guest lineup is just as acclaimed, with names like Dirtbag Dan, Chris Rivers, Reef The Lost Cauze, Chino XL, and others rounding out the features. They all play their part (and very well at that) within Joe’s narrative of staying real to yourself. That mindset is best driven home on standout single “Being Real,” which features West Philly Freck and Hypnautic. As sharp as their verses are, it’s Joe who sums up his mission when he raps, “I’m too busy for that bullsh*t, I’d rather eat.”


Thinning Out The Heard is available now via Joe’s own imprint, K.R.A.K. Productions, through iTunes and all other major digital retailers and streaming outlets.


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